Sex stan

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To her horror, Stan and Joanna wind up spontaneously getting married, which Stan justifies by pointing out that they are, technically, divorced.

When Joanna and Stan go on their "honeymoon," Francine is determined to stop them and rushes to the hotel.

Reluctantly, Hope is forced to coach up-and-coming gymnast Maggie (Haley Lu Richardson), who idolizes her, but Hope is so threatened by Maggie's incipient celebrity that she instead tries to sabotage the girl …

until a run-in with her old rival, Olympic recruiter Lance Tucker (Sebastian Stan), spurs Hope to finally shape up.

Best known for playing the Winter Soldier in the movies, Stan is quite funny as the preening Lance, but his big moment comes much later into the R-rated comedy, as Hope and Lance tear each other's clothes off in a bout of hotel sex that brings new meaning to the term "floor exercise." Both characters are former gymnasts, and the positions they put each other in would add several extra pages to the Kama Sutra.

Is it possible to cartwheel flip oneself a woman's vagina?

This year is proving to be an awfully horny cinematic one right off the bat, with all sorts of acrobatic sex scenes in store for audiences well before spring arrives to send us into full-tilt twitterpation.

However, Stan shows up, rescuing her from one such sleazy man, and tells Francine that, as he was about to have sex with Joanna, all he was able to think about was her.

However, after searching all the rooms with occupants named "Smith," she cannot find them.

However, just as Stan is about to start having sex with Joanna, he is shown hesitating.

I think you can back up.'" For his part, Stan was reluctant to talk too much about the sex scene (rest assured, it will surely spur his fans on Tumblr into a GIF-making frenzy), though he did make sure to shout out his personal trainer Don Saladino, who leapt to his feet from the audience. "I felt like I was in very safe hands, in every sense of the word," he said.

"My hands are very safe, Sebastian," Rauch murmured.

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