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But I also wasn’t looking for opportunities to spend extra time around him or have in-depth conversations any time soon.There was still pain lurking in my heart as a result of the break-up, and I was still healing.I have had my share of heartbreaks, but I can honestly say when all was said and done, I truly wanted what was best for the other person and I was able to pray she would find love and happiness apart from me.That is when I knew I had a grasp of what Jesus meant with regard to unconditional love.We shouldn’t be acting or reacting like those , of which love is the greatest.This doesn’t just apply to those getting married, but is also wise counsel in every situation (even heartbreaking ones), for those desiring to be married.However, your journey can and will lead to peace We may “think” we are hurting someone by having ill feelings toward them.

Many of us spend years searching for our lifelong spouse and once we (think we) locate “that” person, we open our heart and lives in an attempt to love and be loved.

Love in today’s society seems to be so fleeting and have no basis at times.

The love God teaches us is neither selfish nor affected by emotions or situation, but rather loves through all things, including trials, faults and disappointments.

SEE ALSO: He Said-She Said: When Parents Interfere Have God has plans for you to prosper and not harm you (Jeremiah ).

You may never know or understand why the break-up happened; however, God may be protecting you from this person, He may want you all to himself at this time or he may have someone better suited for you.

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