Sonny with a chance of dating video

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After the date, Tawni received flowers from James thinking that they were meant for Sonny.

In order to get back at James, Tawni formulated a plan in order to give James a taste of his own medicine.

He ended up returning Chad's phone and rolling away.

Nico and Grady were unable to get their mushy because the machine went out of order, but Grady managed to get a shot at the froyo machine during one of their community service shifts. Sketchy Beginnings • West Coast Story • Sonny at the Falls • You've Got Fan Mail • Cheater Girls • Three's Not Company • Poll'd Apart • Fast Friends • Sonny With a Chance of Dating • Sonny and the Studio Brat • Promises, Prom-misses • The Heartbreak Kids • Battle of the Network's Stars • Prank'd • Tales from the Prop House • Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner • Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star • Hart to Hart • Sonny in the Middle • Cookie Monsters • Sonny: So Far Walk a Mile in My Pants • Sonny Get Your Goat • Gassie Passes • Sonny with a Song • High School Miserable • The Legend of Candy Face • Gummy With a Chance • Random Acts of Disrespect • Grady With a Chance of Sonny • Falling for the Falls • Sonny With a Secret • The Problem with Pauly • That's So Sonny • Chad Without a Chance • My Two Chads • A So Random!

Sonny and Chad were in the middle of their fake date when Nico and Grady came over to interrogate them about their date, and Sonny admitted to them that it was fake.

Many of the Sandstormers wished to slay the baby, thinking it a demon.

From the moment Baal had found Nur, he was attached to him and even slew his own men to defend him.

Chad, though, seemed to be enjoying having Sonny's head on his shoulder, and remarked that it was nice, quickly amending by adding: "In theory." James almost found out the plan after he heard Nico saying that Chad and Sonny were on a fake date, but Sonny managed to fool him by fake kissing Chad.

James wanted to break up with Tawni so that he can go after Sonny again, but Sonny and Tawni both ended up dumping him.

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