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At P 1,525,000 (P 1,540,000 for the White Pearl), this new Fortuner variant represents a savings of close to P 300,000 over the 3.0 V.

You do lose some horsepower and four-wheel drive in the process, but you gain a lot more in terms of value.

The faux wood trim also gains a much darker shade (similar to Bird’s Eye Maple) to go along with the other changes.

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The latest one builds up on the last major redesign in 2012 by darkening elements such as the alloy wheels and tail lamp cluster.As Filipino consumers are almost ready to bid farewell to this successful chapter in Toyota’s history, it seems appropriate enough to drive the swansong version in its newly launched variant, the 2.5 V.Although the basic shape is carried over from when it first launched, it has remained fairly modern.At city speeds, it feels lumbering with its weighty steering and mushy brakes; but there’s not any worse than any other body-on-frame SUV out there.It has gained the unfortunate reputation for having a crashy ride, but that’s all been fixed with a new four-link coil spring set-up (introduced in 2006) that replaces the old three-link.

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