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I went out and bought time with a local escort tonight, fucking insane. She was so tiny and tight and she let me bust all over her face, wish i couldve got a picture of that. about 30 minutes later she called and said hes happy now you can come home.I didnt expect it to be the same girl honestly, but it was the EXACT SAME girl in this picture when i arrived. i told her when i get done with the races i will be there.We were all hanging out on their big sectional talking and drinking, when Hailey tells Kaitlin that my wife and I were polyamorous. She pulls her dress way up so she can sit cross legged. My wife is sitting on the couch buried in her phone. He daughter's asleep upstairs, and her bedroom is next to the bathroom. Then, out of nowhere, Hailey gives Kaitlin a long, deep, passionate kiss.Kaitlin's boyfriend is sitting next to me not saying much. The normal girl stuff, nothing too interesting unless you're right there. "You've never kissed me like that before," said Kaitlin.It was different everybody I knew wanted her and I knew it and she knew it.Now that has not changed much But It has in the fact that now little boys you know teenagers look at her and think dam look at that milf instead of dam look at her she fine as hell.he jumped back about 5 foot saying you told me to you told me to. lisa came out and told him its ok hes the one that set it up in the first place. then she told me once he gave in and she started sucking his dick he came in about 2 minutes.and when it got hard again and they fucked he came in about 2 or 3 minutes but after it got hard again she had to stop him because he was about to rip her apart a few times.

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Or maybe it was the fact that she knew a lot of people I really don't know but times have changed.

I spent the evening drinking bad beer and cheap champagne, talking with a bunch of 20-something hipsters who couldn't believe I was in my late 30s, had a job, and was actually cool. Suddenly the party vanished around 930 as some ukulele player was at a bar nearby. Her husband went to bed, and my wife was just drunk. About this time Hailey's friend Kaitlin came over with her boyfriend, she had to work. Hailey then insists we move to the chaise section of the sectional.

Hailey and I went to the living room and had a long conversation. Kaitlin was just cute, about 5'0, but a little chubby. I lean back, kick my shoes off, and stretch out on the chaise.

But women you get married women say things don't change but they do.

My wife was a sexy freaky little thing she was so fine not that she isn't still fine and sexy.

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