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Most child prostitutes ranged in age from 12 to 17 years.

The juvenile welfare law enables juvenile welfare bodies, prosecutors, and victims to apply to courts for termination of guardianship of parents and the appointment of qualified guardians if parents have forced their children into prostitution.

- The sale of Aboriginal girls into prostitution by their parents is also a problem.

However, reports have indicated that in the period from June 1994 to July 1995, the percentage of all arrested child prostitutes who were of Aboriginal origin dropped from 15 percent to 5 percent.

- The average income of the Aboriginals is less than half of the national average.

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Statistics from the Police Department from 1997 to September 2001 showed that an increasing number of children are engaging in prostitution through the Internet.“It will mislead children and be detrimental to their mindset,” he said.Another user said he opposed gay or lesbian relations, and thus stands against same-sex marriage.In Taiwan, - Child prostitution was a problem, particularly among aborigine children.The law provides for up to two years incarceration for customers of prostitutes under the age of 18.

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