Textbox1 validating who is danneel harris dating

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Set the Value To Compare server-side to the current date.

So, with this version of the sample file, you can display much longer messages when someone clicks on a data validation cell.

I have a form w/ a textbox and Cancel button on it. When I click on the cancel button it doesn't even get to the cancel.click event until AFTER it has done the validating. As far as the original validation issue, I started a new project (VB2005) and tried your approach It works except that pressing the Esc key still causes the validation event to fire. According to the documentation: "The cancel button for a form is the button control that is clicked whenever the user presses the ESC key." Which says to me the behavior s/b the same! Validating If Not mbln Cancel Then Dim dte Date As Date Time If Date Time. Also note that the "trick" to closing the form is not keeping a seperate "canceling" flag, but to put "e.cancel=False" in the forms closing event.

I have a routine to handle textbox.validating, and I have the form setup so the Cancel button is the Cancel button. I am going to start a new thread - calling it a bug and see what happens. Down (Down Arrow) and some how (and I never figured this one out) the next control in the tab order, regardless of the Tab Stop property, got focus. Causes Validation = False Public Class Form1 Private mbln Cancel As Boolean Private Sub Text Box1_Validating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. -- Terry "Al Reid" wrote: Terry, I tried the same scenario in VB6 and found that it works the way one would expect AND there is no need for the m Cancel flag either.

What's up with that requirement that "validation should not be done by using ASP controls"? They are designed specifically for these kind of scenarios. NET model then I try to stick with that model even to the extent of inserting client-side code using the Client Script Manager instead of directly including Java Script.

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