Too accommodating girlfriend

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And chances are, you have a few of these traits in yourself.

Read these 16 reasons why some people get taken for granted, and if you see these traits in yourself, chances are, you’re more prone to getting taken for granted than many others around you! You have a very hard time declining something to people.

Do you seriously respect yourself for who you are, or do you need someone else’s appreciation to reaffirm that you’re a great person?

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And then, they explode with helpless anger one fine day, much to the surprise of their shocked lover who probably didn’t even realize they were taking their partner for granted!

] Whose fault is it when you’re being taken for granted?

Should you blame the person taking you for granted? When you indulge in romantic gestures all the time without caring about your lover’s reciprocation, or when you’re too sweet and nice to your lover or a friend all the time without ever letting them realize that you’re going way out of your way to do something nice for them, it’s pretty obvious that they’d take you for granted because they don’t realize the effort you’ve made for them!

Learn to communicate and let them know if you’re going out of the way for them.

You don’t have to wait until you’re bursting at the seams with anger or frustration to tell your lover or your family just how ungrateful they’ve been when you’ve been so giving and sacrificing.

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