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The sisters had finished another water show of a mermaid, though admittedly one of their best.

The Aquamarine Fair had arrived in Cerulean, and the Waterflower Water Show was one of many of the city-hosted attractions to help the fair gain fame (which, in all honesty, it didn't need help with).

He was in a casual, long-sleeved navy blue button-up that wasn't actually buttoned up at all with a light cream yellow shirt underneath and dark pants loosely over equally dark boots. " the man complimented with a dazzling smile, and Misty blushed."Thanks Lance. I was worried the League schedule wouldn't let you come see the show."The comb dropped from Daisy's hand. Then he leaned down and briefly kissed the skin of her forehead before pulling back, both faces smiling at each other. Daisy, this is Lance."He stepped forward, bowing his head to her in respect before lifting back up and offering his hand for a shake.

The comb was in her hand, and she clenched it for a weapon until Misty dove first. "Pleasure to meet you."Daisy, shell-shocked, took it and shook it hesitantly. It's just much easier to call upon Misty when I'm free from duty than it is sneaking about to try to hide from the media.""Oh, no, I-I understand." she nervously laughed, "Totally get it.

We got to go before everybody in town plus their mother creates tyranitar-sized lines! It was quite the sight."But so soon, we haven't even-""Nope, gotta go!

" Misty said, hurrying them both out."It was nice meeting you, Daisy!

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twisty mistys cominternet dating xvid ac3 bee-12're really-"He nodded, and folded one arm to his chest before bowing, making Daisy blush. And a handsome one, no wonder Misty had tried so hard to keep him to herself! She glanced over to the clock on the wall"So, how did you two meet?

I don't want him to turn out to, like, be this total jerk-bag! A tear slipped fro Misty's laughing eyes, and she wiped it away with her wrist before squeezing Daisy's hand."If there is one thing I tell you, Daisy, it is that you have no need to worry about him.

He is the sweetest gentleman I have ever met, and the day he's rude and a jerk-bag as you call it is the day I'll kiss a Caterpie."Not totally convinced, but the resolve and reassuring confidence Misty held in her eyes helped Daisy smile.

Lily and Violet were taking down the props and shuffling their audience out while Daisy helped Misty out of her wetsuit.

Ever since she had tamed Gyarados, it had been reintroduced into the shows, and made for a stellar addition, be it a casting antagonist or their protagonist's mighty support.

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