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Google subsequently refocused Google on shared interests, removing features not supporting "an interest-based social experience".

The company also eliminated the Google social layer; users no longer needed a Google profile to share content and communicate with contacts.

In our case, I have inserted a column chart to the excel sheet and assigned the named ranges as data source as explained in the below steps.4.

Now the sample/template excel sheet is ready and we can go ahead and produce excel sheets using the sample excel sheet using Apache POI XSSF.

One reason is I wanted the Java library to be free and the other reason is, I wanted the library to be performance effective, simple to use and mainly compatible with Excel 2007 format.

So, I tried doing a quick research on this, and found two indirect options to achieve the same. To create an excel sheet with dynamic chart using excel named ranges(empty datasource) and then use this excel sheet as a template to create excel sheets with charts by just modifying the reference for named ranges to point the chart data from Java program using POI.

By that time, two core Google functions, communications and photos, had become standalone services.

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Identify the data from which you want to make dynamic charts.

In our case, we are trying to generate a monthly sales report with data from two columns, 'Date' and 'Sales'.

Open the newly created excel sheet and create two named ranges with dummy values using OFFSET function. Insert a chart in "Chart Sample.xlsx" file and assign the two named ranges that we created in the previous step as the chart data source.

The company replied that the significance of Google was less as a Facebook competitor than as a means of gathering and connecting user information from Google's various services.

with management responsibility going to David Besbris.

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