Updating a popcorn ceiling

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(other walls are Sherwin-Williams “Alpaca”) I am in LOVE with how much more drama and interest this simple DIY has brought to our room and how it makes it feel even more beach cottage-y.

Hopefully in the next few months I can get the hubby back into a planking groove and do one in the living room!This underlayment is super smooth so all the planks needed was a quick sanding on the edges from being cut and we were ready to roll.I marked our studs, fired up our nail gun, taped few pennies for spacers (two thick), leveled up the first board at the ceiling, then had the hubby start nailin’ them up (don’t be a cool guy like him, wear safety glasses on your face, not your neck! We staggered our planks randomly, trying to use as many whole-length boards as we could.I mitered the top corners then added them to the top and sides of the wall (not the bottom because they’d stick out over the baseboards) and it instantly made the wall polished and complete!I was a bit concerned that our textured walls would show through the cracks or not, but you really can’t tell unless you get up close and look, and that’s just mean.

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