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Hi All, I am not sure if something is amiss with a KDE desktop I have on a machine.I uninstalled WINE and the KDE menu still shows it in its full glory. Running the menu update tool does not change things either. -- Regards, Mick Same problem here, I have to delete the entries manually.Regards, Philip -- KDE Documentation Team: KDE Documentation Online: ___________________________________________________ . Account management: https://org/mailman/listinfo/kde. My system was orignally an AMLUG 5.1 install updated many times. -z $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS ]; then # export XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=$XDG_CONFIG_DIRS:$GNOMEDIR/etc/gconf #else # export XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=$GNOMEDIR/etc/gconf #fi OK ... I can also login as root und menues are up again ... if i try to start KDE as user KDE doesn't load. I had to reinstall kde several time when I upgraded from kde 3.2 to 3.3. It is generated from the files installed by KDE/Gnome applications.I just did an pacman -Su (xorg-6.8.0-2 and qt updated)Now "All Applications" in KDE menu has "No Entries". The desktop was ok I googled around I have removed from the /home/user directory. It was one of the recent updates that did it (xorg,qt,zlib,iptables,or xscreensaver). I get the splash screen and very soon i'm back again at KDM . EDIT: Already deleted the users ~/.kde, but same problems remains. It didn't work for me I already had the kdeartwork 3.3.0-2 package. Does anybody have a solution for my "root first else cannot loggin as user"-Problem?CU Action News Does anybody have a solution for my "root first else cannot loggin as user"-Problem? For me, it worked when I couldn't log with kdm.[EDIT] Maybe the users can't set up the X display.Splash-screen shows "initiliasing devices" then back to KDM when i try to loggin as user (works only if i loggin as root, logout and then loggin as user again). I had some similar problems when I played with the .

For long and complicated questions prefer the other forums within the support section.The problem is it is updating all the time, from 0 to 100% indicator and again and again After a long time my patience is over so I cancel it and of course the new item is not in the menu then. [19th Aug]: well, I left it be as it was and next time when I ran system the changed menu appeared and the problem didn't appeared so - where was the problem? Hope Linux will be still "light", without needs like in silly Windows restart after any silly change...[9th Sep]: well, I have changed desktop, kicked off - Kde and installed Gnome, due kde crashed many times, gnome is more stable.-- Regards, Mick Running the menu update tool does not change things either.My impression is that KDE removes entries if they're in the expected place, but leaves everything else alone. -- ========================,,============================================ SUPPORT ___________//___, Philip Webb : [hidden email] ELECTRIC /] [] [] [] [] []| Centre for Urban & Community Studies TRANSIT `-O----------O---' University of Toronto -- [hidden email] mailing list but leaves everything else alone. Sure, but reinstalling WINE and applications thereafter does not add wine to the KDE menu and the applications back to the wine submenu.

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