Updating playstation 3 internet browser

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I was OK with this limitation as a Vista user, but with the awful changes in Windows 7's Windows Media Player 12, I was inspired to find a way to reprogram the Media button to launch a more sensible music program.Good news for Natural Keyboard Pro owners: the instructions below describe an easy way to restore full functionality for the keyboard under Windows Vista and Windows 7, including programmable media keys.When you select the keyboard model on Microsoft's keyboard software download page, the latest operating system supported is Windows XP.At first glance, Vista and Windows 7 users would appear to be out of luck.While the standard keys will work without any special software in any version of Windows, the Intelli Type software is required to make full use of the extra "media keys" at the top of the Natural Keyboard Pro.These extra keys control music and video playback, web browser navigation, and some other convenient functions.NT.6.0] ;========= Microsoft USB Internet Keyboard (Intelli Type Pro) %HID\VID_045E&PID_002D&MI_00. Then scroll down to locate the section of the file that looks like this: ; =================== Section for Windows Vista (NTamd64.6.0) =========================== [Ms Mfg.Device Desc%=Microsoft KBD_Dev_Vista, HID\VID_045E&PID_002D&MI_00 Save the file and proceed with Step 5. NTamd64.6.0] ;========= Microsoft USB Internet Keyboard (Intelli Type Pro) %HID\VID_045E&PID_002D&MI_00. Now copy the 2 files you modified in the previous steps back into the Intelli Type folder, overwriting the original copies.

Compatible devices include XBOX family of consoles, Playstation 2, 3 and 4, ROKU TV, APPLE TV, SET TOP BOXES |PVR, ROGERS, SHAW, BELL | FIBE, COGECO, VIDEOTRON and BLU RAY PLAYER (all manufacturers).It's possible that future versions may include changes that make these instructions obsolete.If you decide to install a newer version of Intelli Type and run into trouble, uninstall it and use the version linked above instead. When asked to select your keyboard model, choose "Natural Multi Media Keyboard." You will also be asked if you would like the software to automatically check for new versions.The list of media keys should now correspond to the buttons on your Natural Keyboard Pro. For example, change the Calculator button to launch another program and make sure it works as expected. INF file from Intelli Type Pro 5.5, the last version of Intelli Type (released for Windows XP) which supported that model.I created the media key definition (the text added to IType Devices.xml) using the other keyboard models in that file as an example, and by cross-referencing with (another configuration file found in the Intelli Type folder).

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