Updating satellite receiver software

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Receiver Roaming – When Citrix Receiver switches between different Store Front Server Groups in multiple datacenters, it’s possible for each datacenter to be treated as a separate Store, causing multiple Store entries in Receiver.

This can be prevented by ensuring the following configurations are identical in both datacenters.

Source = Juan Zevallos at Citrix Discussions: Shaun Ritchie Citrix Store Front High Availability and Aggregation – A dual site Active Active design has a sample multi-site configuration using XML Notepad and explains how to use the Primary and Secondary keywords to override farm priority order.

Citrix Blogs Store Front Multi-Site Settings: Some Examples has example XML configurations for various multi-datacenter Load Balancing and failover scenarios.

- Understanding Amplifier Power Specifications The main feature attraction of home theater receivers for most consumers is the ability to provide a surround sound listening experience.

These days, even the most basic home theater receivers offer several options, including not just standard Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround decoding, but more advanced Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding (which are the primary formats used on Blu-ray Discs), as well as (depending on the manufacturer) additional surround processing formats.

A Home Theater Receiver provides an easy and cost-effective way of centralizing your home theater system. The power output capabilities of home theater receivers vary depending on the price you are will to pay and depending on what size room and the power requirements of your loudspeakers should be taken into consideration with regards which brand/model home theater receiver you might purchase.When the user clicks the icon, Store Front then needs to select a site/farm.Note: if you have existing subscriptions/favorites, then enabling icon aggregation will cause the existing subscriptions to be ignored.In addition, be aware that inclusion of the various surround sound formats also dictate how many channels a home theater receiver may be equipped with - which a can range from a minimum of 5 to as many as 11.Although not always included in the more inexpensive home theater receivers, almost all mid-range and high-end home theater receivers provide a built-in automatic speaker setup system utilizing a built-in test tone generator and special plug-in microphone.

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