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But the original design was not considered a strong transmission, with failures behind even a mild 350 not uncommon.

The trans was so weak that in its original setup, GM deliberately calibrated it to kick out of lockup and high gear under full-throttle, top-end conditions to avoid burning it up.

In the Beginning The 700-R4 was first introduced in the ’82 Corvette.

Other changes coincided with the move to separate bellhousings.There were significant improvements, including five-pinion planetaries, a higher-capacity input housing, and an induction-hardened input-shaft assembly.Beginning in 2002, many of the technologies from the 4L65 applications that added durability were incorporated into the 4L60, including more robust bushings and bearings.By 2001, engine output had increased to the point that further internal modifications were needed for Corvette, Hummer, and some other applications.The uprated transmission-in stock form rated to withstand up to 380 lb-ft-is known as the 4L65E (RPO M32).

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