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DO NOT REINSTALL FROM THE CD THAT CAME WITH YOUR i POD. Mac i Pods will not work on a PC until they are reformatted to Fat32. Mac OS X Users can try to delete this file if your i Pod won't show up in the firmware updater. I used to have a PC, but recently switched to a Mac, and now I’m having problems with my i Pod.You have two different options: Backing up to i Cloud or backing up to i Tunes. To check to see if you have i Cloud set up to backup, first make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network by opening up Settings. Then scroll down until you see i Cloud and tap on i Cloud. Then you want to make sure i Cloud Backup is turned on by seeing the green circle. Now you have your i OS device set to backup to i Cloud.For the most part, doing an i Cloud backup is hassle-free.I want to use the i Pod with my new Mac, but it’s formatted for Windows.Is there any way to convert my i Pod from Windows to Mac?Apple's i Sight camera is one such problematic device.The front USB port on most computers is USB 1.1 but your i Pod needs a high-power USB 2.0 port so try the port in the back of your PC. If you see the same problem, then you know the issue is definitely with your i Pod and not your computer.

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The unfortunate side of Apple’s tough stand against piracy is that they’ve cut out the legs from the many people like you, who have a very legitimate need to move music off of an i Pod and onto a computer.i Tunes may automatically detect a software update necessary for your i Pod. 12) Can you start up off a CD and then try to erase the i Pod? If not, try updating your version of i Tunes and the i Pod's firmware with the latest version from Apple's website. You might be trying to use a Mac (HFS ) i Pod on a PC (fat32). Put in a disk repair CD like Disk Warrior or an operating software install CD like OS X, then hold down the "c" key and restart (Mac only). Put the OS X CD in the computer, then restart while holding down the "c" key. If you’re up for the challenge, has a very good article that starts off describing a brute force method of getting hidden files off i Pods, and then concludes with links other software and methods that are a little more friendly to the everyday user.Playlist: Two-way Street: Moving music off the i Pod i Pods run on software that’s specially designed to work with either a PC or a Mac, so converting an i Pod between computer platforms requires you to update this software to work with the new operating system.

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