Updating windows mobile 5 to windows mobile 6

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* Doesn’t support transfer files over hotspots that are created by Windows Phone. -Multi-platform · SHAREit is compatible with Android, i OS, Mac, Windows and Windows Phone. Must gone missing during copying from the not undeletable post.

Partially because you didn't put the time in to make it a high quality answer, its just correct, which isn't enough in my book.

I have Windows 10 Pro and have installed the Threshold2 update. Instead, all you can disable is installation of manufacturer apps and icons.

There is no longer any option to not install drivers.

The procedure below will block updates for all versions of the driver, present and future.

The accepted answer will only block one particular version and has to be re-executed every time a new driver version comes out on Windows Update, which is not very practical since we will find about it too late, when the device stops working.

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