Updating world of warcraft

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It contains the capital of Kul Tiras, Boralus, which is the Alliance main hub for the expansion.

Katherine Proudmoore, Jaina’s mother, is in charge.

Kul Tirans hunt sea monsters and so are much heartier than normal humans.

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At the level cap, each faction can visit the other continent for more content and world quests.FANTOM Print released some art from the upcoming Wo W Chronicle Volume 3.You can preorder World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 3 for the March 27, 2018 release now!Kul Tiras Region - Stormsong Valley Stormsong Valley is located in the north of Kul Tiras and is lush, green and beautiful.House Stormsong is in charge and the people here are extremely devoted to the sea, providing ships for Kul Tiras.

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