Validating datagrid

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· data Text Field – The name of the property to display for each item in the Select List as the label of the item.

· selected Value – The item to select in the Select List.

· html Attributes – The set of HTML attributes to add to the form. You represent the set of database records with the Select List class.

For example, the Index() action in Listing 3 creates an instance of the Select List class that represents all of the customers from the Customers database table.

You learn how to work with the Tag Builder and the Html Text Writer classes.

Notice that you can pass route values from an Html. For example, you might need to pass the Id of a database record that you want to edit. The view renders an HTML page with a simple user registration form (see Figure 2). If you prefer, you could create the view in Listing 2 without using any of these helpers. Validation Summary — in Chapter 8, Validating Form Data.

Here’s how you pass an Id parameter to the Edit() action: [C#] *** Begin Note *** Route values are URL encoded automatically. Figure 2 – The Register page *** Begin Note *** You might have noticed that Listing 2 includes validation helpers. *** End Note *** In Listing 2, the opening and closing · route Values — The set of values passed to the action.

· html Attributes – The set of HTML attributes to add to the link.

· protocol – The protocol for the link (for example, https) · hostname – The host name for the link (for example,

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