Validating web pages

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You'll see that each message comes with a line and column number to help you to locate the error easily.

If you can't work out what every error message means, don't worry about it — a good idea is to try fixing a few errors at a time.

The website validation process allows website designers to correct formatting errors that impact website performance and following international standards, the code used in websites is reduced in size while improving efficiency.

Because of this, web pages are displayed much faster and flow much better compared to websites that have not been validated 4.

Computer validation checks can help beginners learn from their mistakes.

“These technologies, which we call “web standards,” are carefully designed to deliver the greatest benefits to the greatest number of web users while ensuring the long-term viability of any document published on the web. Improved Website User Experience W3C validated websites will be easily accessed by people with modern browsers.

If they find invalid HTML or XHTML code – meaning code that does not follow the official rules, you might be removed from their indexes.

If there is an error on your web page code, robots will stop searching your whole websites content. Validation helps teach best practices Having standards-compliant code is the best practice for web design.

To specify the HTML to validate, you can give it a web address, upload an HTML file, or directly input some HTML code. This should give you a list of errors and other information.

However, error messages can quickly get more complicated and less easy to interpret as programs get bigger, and even simple cases can look a little intimidating to someone who doesn't know anything about Rust.

Debugging doesn't have to be scary though — the key to being comfortable with writing and debugging any programming language or code is familiarity with both the language and the tools. HTML is not compiled into a different form before the browser parses it and shows the result (it is ).

Make Website Browsers Friendly Making website browsers friendly is one of the biggest reasons why W3C code validation was introduced.

Websites that are not validated may display correctly in one browser but not in other browsers. Websites that are not validated may display formatting problems when used in certain browsers.

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