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Other applications of XML, like using it to hold program configuration information or data being collected in the field, are less tolerant of errors. Comment deriving Show make "deposit" = Deposit make "withdrawal" = Withdrawal make trans = error $ "Invalid transaction type: " trans select = get Children In this case, the XML parser passed the XML through just fine, and the error caused processing to stop with no error message. Since the file name is fixed, it won't ever do anything else here.A program misconfiguration can cause no end of problems, over and above missing data. While we could catch this case - and others - by adding code similar to the handling of comments to every arrow in , that would result in noticably longer, more opaque code. You might verify that you get that behavior with all the various errors you tried above.The library is extremely portable and easy to integrate and use.pugixml is developed and maintained since 2006 and has many users.An XML document is said to be well-formed if it is syntactically correct XML, and the open and close tags pair up properly. An XML document is valid if it conforms to a schema. For such chores, silently ignoring an invalid element is a minor problem.

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A transaction consists of an account, the type of transaction (either a deposit or a withdrawal), and the amount. For use cases where errors must be handled, we normally want to provide special handling for errors - for instance, logging them so the correct data can be entered, and the source of the errors corrected. Application output will look like below snap: package com.g2. I'm looking for a simple non-validating XML parser in either C or C .The author has recently started with "tinyxml-2", which is supposedly better and even more lightweight, but I've not had occasion to actually try that one yet.One of the most basic XML parsing tasks in web applications is reformatting XML data for display on a web page - basically using it as a markup language.

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