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The sign was unveiled in 2000 to celebrate the millennium.The design echoes Sudbourne past and present including The church: The oldest building in the village, dating from Norman times.

Soon, a government formed and we begin to slowly see a societal structure similar to that of today,” he says.READ MORE from Science Nordic: Archaeologists excavate 400 Iron Age houses in Denmark Archaeologists do not know why the village was abandoned but they knew it existed as it is mentioned in a number of written sources.A letter from King Canute IV first records the gifting of a village at this location to a bishop in 1085. A number of tax rolls from Tollerup also refer to six farms and a manor on the site, which was possibly used to store the collected taxes.A gravel pit alongside the three farms could explain why they did not find the remains of the other three farms, says Christiansen.“Compared with other farms of the same period, we can see that one of the farms must have been the manor house, referred to in the written sources.

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