Virtual fuck

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So, this was an entirely new experience, and not one I liked.

The bra felt like a medieval torture device, compressing, and shifting my large breasts into an uncomfortable position. I sighed deeply, and focused on slowing my breathing to calm myself.

This was far more makeup than I normally liked on a woman, but I had to admit, I looked beautiful. We looked at each other for a second, and then broke out laughing, loudly. He now spent most of his time in VR directing porno flicks.

With my left hand, I smoothed out the wrinkles in my sundress, and then I hiked it up, just enough to see that I was wearing black lace panties. So much so, I had to hook the toes of heels around the legs of the chair to keep my thighs open. "Ah...well, I'm....a man," I said, red-faced again. "It seems we are two of kind," he said, softly stroking my forearm. I wanted to kiss him, but resisted and instead asked him another question. " I said, waving my left hand around to indicate the room. I felt all the tension leave, as we rolled around on the couch, roaring with laughter, until we were both out of breath. The wait to get in was apparently quite long, which is why he was surprised that I had not known about it.

I watched my pretty face contort, as waves of pleasure rolled over me. I was cast as the last fertile female left alive, and would be chased by three highly virile men through some ruins. "Listen, you don't to shoot the flick, if doesn't appeal to you," he said, patting my knee, reassuringly. "No, no, I don't act, just direct," he said, grinning back at me.

"Give us minute, I need to give Allie a few last-minute instructions," he said to the two men. Once we were out of sight, I saw a small rug on the concert deck. "Maybe this isn't such a good idea," I said, pulling away from him. You might find that you actually enjoy it," he said, smiling down at me.

He caught me by the wrist, and pulled me against him. "Tell you what, give it a try with me in private, and if you still feel that way, I will take you back to your dressing room, and you can return to reality. Kneeling there on the rug, looking up into his blue eyes, I considered the prospect of sucking his cock.

Finally, my head snapped back, mouth went open, and I emitted an animal like howl. Once they caught me, I was to be roughly fucked, and then cream-pied by each of them. It may have been the female hormones coursing through me, or just insanity, but I told him that if he acted in the scene, I would do it. His hand steadied me, while I tried to balance on the six-inch heels.

Once the spasms subsided, I relaxed in the chair, exhausted from the effort and tension. He thought it over for a moment, and then kissed my cheek. Thankfully, he took my arm, and escorted me out of the dressing room.

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