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From each ASPX page you want j Query Intelli Sense you’ll want to call the reference within a server-side conditional statement so that the documentation file will still load in Visual Studio but will not load at run-time.

Add the following after your j Query declaration: If you downloaded j Query and saved it to your project Visual Studio will look for the file automatically if the following conditions are met.

Most of us know about the Visual Studio j Query Intellisense document Visual Studio Intellisense (vsdoc) for j Query 1.4.1.

For instance, jquery-1.3.2is your j Query library, Visual Studio will look for the documentation file at jquery-1.3.2and load it.In September 2008, at the j Query Conference, it was announced that Microsoft would be shipping its upcoming releases of Visual Studio with j Query built in.They would not fork or change the j Query code but ship it as is.As you can see, our friends at j Query have added a new download link for Visual Studio at Query#Download_j Query. As you might guess, this documentation file corresponds with the latest version of j Query (which is currently 1.2.6). If you’re inside an ASPX page, you will need to add the following lines of code into (normally) the head of your page: Why do we have a server-side conditional statement?While this file has a “js” extension, it’s really just a documentation file. Intelli Sense disregards conditional statements of this type, and thus loads the “vsdoc” file (overriding the normal one).

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