What to expect at 2 months of dating

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If your relationship still feels fresh and exciting, you two are likely to have a long road ahead.Schedules, distance, work and many other obstacles can put a damper on your relationship.

“When you can be vulnerable with the other person, that’s when it feels real.” Feeling comfortable enough to hang around each other in sweatpants is actually pretty important.Being inseparable from your significant other is a positive sign that things are getting more serious.Making time for each other even if it means giving up other things is proof that you not only want to be in each other’s lives; you to be in each other’s lives. Seth Meyers, “The best way to determine that the relationship is getting more serious is when you feel that the two of you are establishing a true bond where you need each other and help each other feel better when either of you is upset.” Talking in future tense is an encouraging sign that you and your SO are looking towards the future.And secondly, because if you didn’t exchange gifts over Christmas, you haven’t yet hit the gift-exchanging stage.It’s an easy way to figure out the Valentine’s Day conundrum, basically, with a simple, black and white rule. Project Love‘s Selina Barker reckons Valentine’s Day celebrations all depend on how the new relationship is going.

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