What to know about dating a cop

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"I come home from work after midnight as a police officer and I'm kind of wound up. No police officer who works that shift goes right to sleep," said Valle. But on many nights, according to computer records, he is logged in from midnight to well into the predawn hours talking to his new friends.

Valle's wife and baby are sleeping in the next room while the maniacal messages flood the computer screen.

According to recovered chats between Valle and the butcher, the two men planned to kidnap Valle's wife and tie her up, slit her throat and watch the blood rush from her body. Gil's menu for murder includes a 27-year-old prosecuting attorney and college classmate. It's just that it's one thing when I'm an anonymous screen name, it's another thing when I'm sitting here looking at you and I'm Gil, and I'm a person now," said Valle. Based on completely fictional writing." But when Gil Valle's wife reads these menacing messages, she packs up their baby and flees to her parents' home.

There's an acquaintance who Valle knows through his wife whom he allegedly plans to abduct and sell to an online buddy in New Jersey for ,000. "Her initial reaction was to try and work this out," said Valle.

"I did everything a man was supposed to do, and I loved doing it." Life is good for the Valle family from Queens, New York.

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He's often chatting with several other wannabe cannibal creeps, including a librarian from New York City, a male nurse from England, a mechanic from New Jersey and a butcher from Pakistan. There's a section of the website that's entitled "What Would You Do To Her? "He talked about real people, real names, real dates," said Dash.

There's a knock at his door and when he opens it, there are six FBI agents with guns drawn squarely in his direction. The FBI thought I was committing a real crime," said Valle. Ends up, the feds have been watching Gil Valle, and according to them he has been doing some watching of his own. "He was surveilling these women, so he had accessed an NYPD database and he had started looking up personal information," said Amy Dash.

Gilberto Valle had accessed, as a police officer, a law enforcement database, and was essentially using it illegally to get information on potential targets.

PHL17 also removed her bio and all her content from the station’s website following the incident.

Campbell has been charged with resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.

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