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[ 11, -3] Results wise, it is pretty sad what happened.

Ivy hit peak in 2007 with 'Sonata of Temptation' and had such a bright future ahead of her but went the complete opposite of her image.

However I do feel that it was one of the most down turning periods of her life.

When people go through such hardship, they often relate many things to it. in my country, this kind of scandal is happen too, and the funniest thing is he still get famous even that the guy on video is really him. i think all of kpop idol tht hv been on scandal, should come to my country.

During the June 28 episode of KBS 2TV's 'Full House', she confessed, "After I stopped promoting, I experienced the hardships of life.

I didn't have an income for 7 months, but I couldn't change my spending habits. I realized how precious money was, and I got over the hardship by thinking that it was a chance for a new start." I don't think she's out there to get attention for it.

Should've just kept dating Wheesung or gotten married. Still, you can't deny that Ivy was in the wrong that time 100 times over. [ 8, -3] Well considering that Ivy was once the top female singer of her time and is now basically nothing...

Article: Ivy tears up, "I was scared of the cold views towards me after controversies and rumors over my private life" Source: TV Report via Nate 1.

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While I had this tip on the MNET Scandal that he will star in an MNET show and seeing that You Tube posts on Wheesung dating someone — i thought I don’t really give a damn on those stuff.You even hit on Naul who had a girlfriend at the time, that already speaks volumes about you. Although Ivy claims she dated him after she broke up with her ex, there are proofs that say otherwise, such as: Wheesung said on radio that his ex cheated on him, she still wore her ex's couple ring while with Wheesung, she lied about the ring being her mother's, her ex threatened to release her sex tape so she got scared and lied to her company saying it was her stalker (but if he really was just a stalker, then she would have nothing to lose against the threat), and Wheesung wrote a post on his mini-homepage full of betrayal and rage "I lost my past 8 months and fainted into tears" etc... [ 2,749, -166] Ivy could've gained sympathy over that sex tape scandal but her biggest problem is that she cheated on Wheesung who produced one of her best albums ever and that just ruined her career for good.There are also several evidences of Ivy hitting on Naul when he was taken. [ 93, -0] It's funny how Ivy always said that she came from a strict family with a curfew and never even dated a man but underneath it all was someone who was cheating on two men ㅎㅎ 8. because of her, Wheesung quit an industry he's been working in all his life while the other man is considered a fool... She then dated the best friend of one of those men... If you listen to how perfect her second album is, you can tell just how utterly in love Wheesung was with her. [ 2,498, -122] Well you cheated on Wheesung, that's fact...as a public figure, you should know the consequences of that 3.[ 2,306, -127] She doesn't say one word about how any of it was her mistake, just how she feels like the victim in it 4.

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