Who is antonio villaragosa dating

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"The way I handled my breakup, obviously," said Villaraigosa. the way I handled it." Corina Villaraigosa filed for divorce in June 2007 after 20 years of marriage, in the middle of Villaraigosa's first term as mayor.One month later, Mayor Villaraigosa admitted to having an affair with Telemundo anchor Mirthala Salinas; at the time, the pair had reportedly been seeing each other for at least 18 months, the estimated.The Web site said witnesses said they “did not hold hands or kiss, but appeared very chummy.Parker was seen touching the mayor’s chest and stomach while they spoke.I am 53 years old and after the death of my fiance, I decided it was time to move on so I decided to try a well known Christian dating website.

He told me that he never dreamed he would find his soul mate on a dating site but knew that we were destined to be together.In the 2007 mini-scandal, Villaraigosa wound up with unflattering publicity and Salinas ended up quitting NBC-Telemundo after the station punished her for breach of common conflict-of-interest guidelines by suspending her for two months and transferring her to its Riverside bureau.“He (Villaraigosa) has to know there are consequences for the woman he’s dating,” said Rick Marks, a CSUN journalism professor and a former Channel 4 news producer.Parker was frequently seen at red carpet events with the Mayor throughout their relationship.Parker could not be reached for comment at the time of publication.

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