Who is bethany joy lenz dating

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Before Joy Lenz portrayed Haley in “One Tree Hill”, she was spotlighted by being Reva Shayne on the television soap opera – “Guiding Light”.The Guinness World Records listed the soap opera as the longest-running drama in television in American history.“I just don’t think we had chemistry,” Lenz told People’s Choice at the Inside OTH Convention last July.“I think from the moment that I arrived, I had a connection with Chad that was much more brotherly than it was an attraction that you would have towards somebody that you had a crush on. So, I feel like maybe that’s just what came off on camera and it just didn’t ever come to fruition.” While the writer-jock and singer-tutorgirl never stepped outside of the friend zone throughout the series, according to Lenz, that might not have been the original plan for the relationship.

Although Bethany and Amber for reasons best known to them decided to forsake Everly in 2012, the former is an accomplished singer with a four-octave range.

“So, I think between the chemistry that James and I had…Which again, with James I felt super brotherly toward as well because he was 17, so I mean.

But, I don’t know, it was just a different dynamic I guess.” Good thing for Haley, though, because this way she had not one, but TWO beautiful and constant relationships throughout the series.

She gained much attention from being a member of the Everly band just as she did as a solo artist.

Joie formed Everly with her friend, Amber Sweeney in 2008.

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