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Named ASCAP’s pop songwriter of the year in 2007, Austin has written for such artists as Usher, Leona Lewis and Chris Brown.

“I’m definitely motivated about expanding into uncharted waters,” says Austin.

Signed to Epic Records since the mid-1990s, Ginuwine had released a number of multi-platinum and platinum-selling albums and singles, becoming one of R&B's top artists during the late 1990s and early 2000s.But You Can Sleep With Me Give Me Five Minutes And I'll Bet You'll Stay The Night Right Now(Right Now [x2]) [Chours:] I Can Hit It Better Than Your Man Can That's Right I Can Hit It Better Than Your Man Can (Shawty) That's Right Can't You See That'll Be What You Want What You'll Need(Ooooh) I Can Hit It Better Than Your Man Can That's Right I Can Hit It Better Then You Man Can (Oooh) Brace Yourself Let Me Show You How A Real Nigga Roll [Verse 2: Rap] See I Dont Play Ball But I Fuck Hard I Hit It Real Hard (Hit It Hit It Real Hard) Yeaa I Hit Your Brad (You Hit His Brad) I Hit Your Brad (What) I Digged Her Real Hard (Dig Her Dig Her Real Hard) Dat Girl She Love To Play Told Me That I Can Stay Call Me Her Favorite Date (Oo I Aint Know I Could Take All Eight) From That Ponit It Was On She Said Baby Come Hit It All Night Long Then Said .. The Inside Of The Bullboard Talk To Me 14 Weeks Wit Marey Carey , 15 More Wit My Girl Mary, So Nigga How You Gonna Say How You Gonna Say You The Best, The Numbers Don't Lie, The Beef Is Rest, I Can Give A Fuck About My Name In Lights, I Do It For My Niggas Thats Rich In Life, Shouts Out To My Homeboys Mays N Mike And When You Come Home U'll B Set For Life...[Verse 1: Lecrae] I'm workin' every day to keep my hands tight I hear em talkin' to me tryin' to keep my head right Red light, hit the brakes before I hit the headlights A fifth of liquor got me feelin' like the man, right I'm out here running through the streets, cold feet And I can hear the voices callin' me and sayin' we should meet Be discreet, but my inheritance, too arrogant I guess I should be meek Verily, verily I tell you the truth Boy the money make you feel like you the realest one to do it Them dollas showin signs of my sickness, God is my witness Turn a sucka to a star, misery to a mistress, Lord Our Father, hallowed by thy name, keep me from lovin' fame Actin' thirsty like a lame, trying to change before the change change me In the Range tryin' to tell myself that I'm the same me Blame me, not the money [Hook: Johnta Austin] Yea, though I walk through the valley, Lord be with me I'm the streets and the game gettin' at me So please don't leave me Tryin' to stay prayed up, still feel hundred Goin' to live right, but I'm still chasin' money If temptation didn't feel so good, I would never have a problem So Lord be with me I hear em talking to me tryin' to keep my head right Lord be with me I can hear the voices callin' me and saying we should meet Lord be [Verse 2: Lecrae] Look, I never went on Ashley Madison But I know some Ashley's and Madison's I met a few in Texas, met a few in Cali I coulda made some choices that'd hurt em badly I coulda made some choices that'd hurt my family The grace of God kept me outta death valley I'm talkin' plenty goals, centerfold, plenty oh See these people cryin', pacify 'em with some pretty clothes Zero comma zero zero comma zero comma comma Sign that dotted line and you'll be rich (just give me your soul) No, no, no don't do it though I'm feelin' kinda foolish Just another lamb walkin' to the slaughter Sittin' in a Lamb' with somebody daughter Boy ya better cool it, hey skip that new addition I been on a mission, see that devil fishin' If he baitin' I ain't bitin' I ain't hookin' on his pimpin' Stay with me Lord [Hook] [Bridge: Johnta Austin] Please stand by your word and don't forget me Oh, I ain't always right but I'm willin tho Let it always be you and never me I know the only way to win is to follow You led, you lead, Lord be with me [Hook] Lecrae opens up and gets real on “Lord be with me.” Back in touch with his lyrical side, crae spits 2 verses primarily concerned with showing his listeners the emptiness that comes from fame without God, and all the temptations that a famous person’s life may have.In economic theory, physical capital is one of the three primary factors of production, also known as inputs in the production function.The others are natural resources (including land), and labor — the stock of competences embodied in the labor force.

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