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He came up to me and said he'd be over later after he'd put Cynthia in a taxi.

Afterwards, we lay wrapped in each other's arms all night long. 'He often had his guitar with him and one lovely memory I have is of John and me in bed, with me strumming and him playing the chords.

We all became mates.' Patricia, the daughter of a docker and his school cook wife, had a crush Mc Cartney, but he had a girlfriend, Dot. 'Paul and John would come back to my mate Sue's place and listen to rock roll, and they would scribble lyrics on of paper they found. 'Until then, I hadn't really been attracted to John,' says Patricia. After that I looked at him differently.' It seems Lennon had planned the seduction of the virginal Patricia.

John said they were doing a gig on a boat on the Mersey and then they were having a party at Sue's flat, but I wasn't to invite anyone else.

Up to now, Patricia Inder has said little about her relationship with Lennon, so her role in his story has been forgotten - she was the stunning beauty with whom Lennon was having an affair while he seeing Cynthia Powell, who would become his first wife.

'To those who weren't there, the Beatles are these superstars, the biggest pop group in history, but to me they were just my mates,' says Patricia.

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