Who was river phoenix dating when he died

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The children were encouraged to have sex with adults and with each other.

The routine was prayers, and then to bed for “sexual exploration” — including children as young as 3.

Phoenix toted his guitar to the club that night, but his buddy Flea, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, told him that all the space on the stage was taken, with Depp leading a roster of performers.

So he headed back to the table to share the evening with girlfriend Samantha Mathis and his brother and sister.

There he took a drink from a friend, someone he had twice taken to rehab, and gulped it down without asking what was in it.

It was a liquid speedball, a mix of cocaine and heroin. Edwards speculates that if an ambulance had been called at that moment, Phoenix might have been saved.

It quickly became one big VIP room, with all the famous faces in the crowd rather than performing onstage.

Some nights, Depp would host late-night parties for his friends.

First, they headed in the hills for a party where Leonardo Di Caprio, dressed in costume as Johnny Hollywood, “a generic hipster actor,” spotted River in the crowd.And while Phoenix was new to using “it did not take him long to go from, you know, a casual user to having an intense drug problem.” By the time he made his last movie, “The Thing Called Love,” Phoenix was an obvious casualty.After he stumbled through one scene repeatedly, his eyes unfocused, his agent and then his mother flew in to baby-sit him on location.Edwards layers “Last Night at The Viper Room,” with context threading a synopsis of Hollywood at the time throughout.Di Caprio was only just getting started, Tom Cruise was willing his way to big-screen stardom and Brad Pitt had just been anointed a star after beating out Phoenix for the lead role in Robert Redford’s “A River Runs Through It.” But the core story is that of River Phoenix, who surely had one of the most unusual childhoods of any kid come to Hollywood.

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