Willie taylor dating

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Written by Robert Jobson, who broke the story that Charles was to marry Camilla, the book William's Princess chronicles a relationship that is far more crowded and complicated than a simple tale of boy meets girl.

It reveals, for the first time, the identity of the man who lost Kate to William when all three were students at St Andrews University.

At the young age of 16, she met her soon-to-be husband who at the time worked with her R&B girl group called X'clusive, as per VH1. Niyana had to put her starting career on hold at the time after she and Willie were blessed with kids, Kavion, who is now 10, and Layla-Marie, who is now 5.

Throughout the trying times in their family life, Willie Taylor's wife tried to help them financially by being an exotic dancer before she did a second attempt to building a career by joining another group alongside Apryl Jones. Despite all the trials, Shanda is still determined to make it big in the entertainment industry.

In a family run like a business, William and Kate are privately considered the future of the Firm.

Now a new book offers an intriguing insight into the love affair - and how it is affecting the inner workings of the Royal Family.

Sadly for ladies out there who are dreaming of dating Taylor, he is already taken and is very much not available since he is already married. Willie Taylor's wife is Niyana Taylor who is now known as Shanda Denyce.His relationship with Kate and the circumstances under which it came to an end is not a subject on which Finch will be drawn.Speaking last night for the first time about the relationship, he said: "It's not something I'll ever talk about.And it charts the subtle but seismic changes at the heart of the Royal Family, revealing details of the meetings held and the plans made that will do away with hundreds of years of royal tradition.Jobson has studied and analysed William and Kate's relationship and its place in the creation of a 21st Century monarchy.

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