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After Microsoft published new security-updates on April the 12th, I took a closer look at them to see if the patcher still works.

On Windows XP 32bit the patcher will run, as expected.

At least a quick test in Windows 7 gave high speed without any messages in the event log. SYS with build 5.1.2600.2892 on the yesterday's patch-day.

My future work is more dedicated on Linux than on Windows. The current Patcher 2.23d is still capable of changing the half-open tcp limit.

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Microsoft's built-in backup program allows for the "system state" to be selectively backed up.We have seen this problem posted in many forums but the simple solution we outline below which has not been properly documented as we have done so here.The error is generally caused by insufficient or incorrect permissions on the named registry keys, or parent container of such registry keys.For Windows XP versions before SP2 the system was recognised as SP2 RC1.Because no file has been changed (in both cases), this is not critical (which I then would have recognised much earlier *smile*).

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