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Men are most attracted to women from the age of 16-25. Your sexy bits levitate without a bra, and your voice sounds sweet like a harp. But again, this article isn’t about some men, it’s about “most” men. Not that you don’t have options after 25, not at all. But let’s be real, the men you are looking for are most attracted to young women. Unfortunately at 16-25, you probably don’t know much about men. And Russian women are known to be some of the most feminine, beautiful and charming in the world. I’m only writing this article to tell you what works. It blows my mind how many pretty women think that their value lay solely in their looks, while maintaining and entitled, shitty attitude. The reason you do this, is because you are projecting on some level, what you find attractive in a man.“I don’t like jerks! But you do like guys that tease you, and are just a little bit unattainable. Let that strong woman out later, after we’ve gotten to know you a bit.

And if you’re single in your thirties, you probably don’t want to learn. If you’re getting mad, that’s because you recognize the truth. For some reason, western women have been taught that an aloof, bitchy, challenging attitude is attractive to men. Just think back to every bad boy you’ve ever lusted after. Think back to that man who picked you up at a party, or the bookstore.

Develop a lifestyle and philosophy that good men find attractive and realize your time is limited. Does this mean women with short hair aren’t beautiful? But we prefer long hair and will be more attracted to a woman with this feature.“But it’s a pain in the ass! So is going out night after night, day after day, and being rejected by thousands of women, just to learn how to be a fun guy that pretty girls like to sleep with. We do this so that we are funnier, more charming, and better men. But why men go to Asia, South America, or Eastern Europe to meet women has little to do with their skin colour, and everything to do with their increased value with women who aren’t as entitled as western white girls.

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It’s funny how much people shit on guys who study seduction/pickup: “They’re promoting rape culture; they’re misogynists and manipulators! This sort of attitude was created by sexless tv script writers. You’re in the middle of a date, and you incessantly check your stupid computer. Whenever I see a girl with an ankle or wrist tattoo, I think, “Well there’s a girl who hates her father.” Am I an asshole for thinking this? Tattoos make you look like a party girl who sleeps around, does drugs and has low self esteem. It probably is, but this is an article about seduction, to land the guy of your dreams. Personally, I don’t mind them…if the girl is hot and cool. This is all fine and good, but for most men, we really like the company of feminine women. There’s a reason beyond just fucking or seeing boobs that men go to massage parlours, strip clubs and escorts. But good, strong men find this very immature, and will move on to the next pretty girl that texts them back promptly and enthusiastically. Most women seem to act this way to validate themselves, so they can brag to their friends about all the douchebags they rejected last night. They never made us feel creepy or weird for being attracted to them.This article might show you what that means to most of us. The man you go home with from a party, the funny, slightly cocky, handsome, interesting, talented, charming and fun guy—he’s not the guy you marry, because you know deep down, he’s just too good at what he does. These attractive guys want to be hunters, and rockstars, and Hemingways. Basically anywhere that has a great freedom, financial wealth, and access to post secondary education. I believe that many women in the first world are unhappy, lonely, and have great struggles attracting or keeping the men they desire. More than anything, your personality, your job, your hobbies and ambitions—at first, all we care about, is how hot you are. We will always go for the woman wearing a dress over the girl in frumpy clothes, looking like a punk. You’re going to get fat.”“Do you take every girl for coffee? ”We call these “shit tests” and we have entire strategies to pass them. Actually, we don’t want you to be so easy, not if we really like you. So don’t come into our room unless you want to get laid. If you come to our room, or invite us to yours, unless we cum we will be very, very persistent, probably for most of the night.The skill set required to be have a “real relationship” is not the same skill set required to bed you. Why are men from these countries flocking to other countries in Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe to meet women when they have so many at home? A toned body and healthy weight: We’re not too concerned about height, but boy, are we into women with fit, shapely bodies. Wear low cut blouses, or anything that shows us your cleavage. Some guys love high heels, and I have to admit, they’re sexy when they push your butt up like that. He wasn’t so over the top, you started having normal conversations that didn’t involve tests, and teasing, and you still liked him. The seduction phase is not the same as relationship phase. I use a technique called “agree and amplify—or ignore.” I either agree with the statement, “I want to be as fat as Buddha! ” Or I ignore, by laughing and changing the subject. It shows you have standards and class, and increases our pleasure when we finally have you. If you don’t come to bed with us, let us know you had fun, and you’d like to see us again.Do you project your fear of being hurt onto any man who decides to study your psychology in the hope he can make it a little bit easier to get laid or find a girlfriend? When women appear intrigued by us, it strokes our egos and makes us feel important, smart and manly. So you might have to politely reject him several times. (Catcalls don’t deserve a response.)“I’ve only been with two guys.”Come on. Maybe the weak ass men with Madonna-Whore syndrome can’t.Have you ever used self-reflection to notice you are doing this? It’s called being “self-aware.”The most common question I receive from women about what I do is: “Do you teach men how to ‘just’ get laid, or do teach them how to have ‘real, meaningful relationships? This might be anger of recognition, like when your mother tells you to clean your room, and you scream, “Fuck you Mom! ” Only to realize after your rampaging emotions have calmed, that your room is indeed filthy. To help you understand the differences between men and women, I’ll share a list of male attraction triggers, proven by absolutely nothing except my own data. Being submissive is not weakness, it’s charming and takes great skill. And if you can’t handle being approached, just don’t go to parties. But real men don’t care how many dudes you boned in college.

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