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Public Houses & Restaurants Two of the three public houses, the Black Horse and the White Horse (which serves food), are in the heart of the village, with the third, the Gardeners’ Arms, in Surley Row. Gardening Emmer Green has an active allotment site in Grove Road. Please approach Reading Borough Council and ask for your name to be added (click here for the website).There are two Indian restaurants, which also provide ‘take-away’ meals, plus a fish & chip shop, Chinese and Pizza takeaways. Anyone with gardening interests can join The Friends of Clayfield Copse hold monthly work parties in Clayfield Copse or adjoining Blackhouse Wood, these are to carry out management work in the woods to maintain access and improve diversity.He has also toured and performed alongside the likes of Eddie Izzard, The Tiger Lillies, David J, Voltaire, Toyah Wilcox, rasputina and Duke Special.By whom he was invited to headline an evening in Belfast at a week long curated event by Duke Special himself.You will find lots of information about Emmer Green on this website. The hall is popular for children's parties and has a busy daytime use with weekly dance, pilates, art and club meetings. Regular events in Emmer Green include fêtes and fairs organised by the schools, churches and other groups.For anyone who isn't already a member, do please join. For general enquiries to Reading Borough Council Tel: 01. Reading Passport Local residents can get discounts on events, amenities and courses in the borough, on the production of their card, which also serves as a library ticket. In one corner of the Recreation Ground (off Kidmore End Road) is a children’s play area, while Clayfield Copse, a local nature reserve area, offers lovely walks in the woods, plus a skateboard facility and meet up area for young people.

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Tel: (0118) 9015612 email For bookings, please ring Jon Barclay on 07580 029910 to check availability. Under "visit us" there is a dropdown item, "hiring the church hall", with full details and pictures of the hall inside and out. Groups meeting in the area include Women’s Institute, Townswomen’s Guild*, 2nd Emmer Green Guides, 1st and 2nd Emmer Green Brownies, 89th Reading Scouts, 3rd Reading Scouts and Friends of Clayfield Copse (a local conservation group).

No stranger to the absurd, Joe Black creates a world where the shocking is the sublime and the ridiculous is the beautiful.

One of the leading figures in the dark cabaret genre, Joe Black has toured extensively across the UK, Europe, Australia and America.

Gin drinking cabaret darling, musical comedy misfit, drag clown and acid tongued ringmaster live at Anima Jazz Lounge Bar.

With after party guests including the amazing Bambi Le Bam, Amore Rocks, Queenie Von Rene, Crimson Lace and hosted by the brilliantly talented Bear Glitz Living somewhere between the stages of music, theatre and comedy, Joe Black takes an audience firmly by the hand and guides them into a place where the strange and unusual reign supreme.

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