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But though her grandmother might be taking a bit more of a relaxed fashion path in this new series, Maben insists that Rory is still much the same: “It’s sort of that thing [where], when the parents are fun,” she says, “sometimes the kids tend to be a little more serious in real life.”Especially when your mom’s go-to outfit is tie-dye and cowboy boots.

While Michel resumed his regular place on the show when it returned on Netflix last year, Sookie was sorely missed, as her character was “traveling,” until she cropped up right at the end to help Lorelai with her wedding to Luke (and what a flawless and beautiful wedding it was too).

Une convention séries/cinéma, c'est aussi l’occasion de participer à de nombreuses activités rythmant l’événement : quiz, tombola, karaoké, … Elles permettent également aux fans de discuter entre eux d’un centre d’intérêt commun et de revenir chez eux l'esprit rempli de souvenirs mémorables.

Pour participer à une convention, il est obligatoire de se procurer un pass sur la billetterie de l'organisme en charge de l'événement.

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’—and forget about the poor person who was standing there waiting to be fitted. Her jeans—a major flashpoint for fans used to a St.reunion, and the only thing that would make it better is if they’d all come over to my house afterwards.Amy Sherman-Palladino created the show, inspired by a visit to the Mayflower Inn in Washington, Connecticut.“She’s running late, and she can’t go out the door.She doesn’t have time to dress the part, so to speak.” So Lorelai accompanies Rory to the prestigious Chilton Academy clad in a grab-bag of mismatched clothing: cutoff jean shorts, cowboy boots, a tie-dyed pink midriff-shirt. “Instead of just having on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, it's a little more funny,” explains Maben, “and it says a lot about her character, too.”The costume designer, who worked on all seven seasons of the show—and, most recently, its Netflix reboot—says that she and her team figured out how to dress the entire town of Stars Hollow in exactly the same way: by basing their costumes on each character’s often quirky personality.

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